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  • May - June

    Payment of contributions for casual workers.

  • Start or Suspend Payment of Contributions of Arbitrary System at Self-Service Machines
  • Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System - Application for Withdrawal of Funds for the Year 2019
  • Supplementary Provisions Relating to the Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System
  • Interface Between Private Pension Plan and Joint Provident Fund Scheme
  • Joint Provident Fund Scheme
  • Participate in Central Provident Fund System for Greater Peace of Mind in Your Retirement
  • Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System
  • Operating Instructions of Electronic Filing Service
  • Electronic Filing Service
  • Information about various subsidies under the “Employment Assistance and Training Regulations”
  • Change the information
  • ATM Jetco Payment of arbitrary system contributions
  • Notes to Employers
  • Performacne Pledge
  • Old-age Pension and Early Old-age Pension
  • China Civil Plaza Office in NAPE
  • Electronic channels for contribution payment
  • Banks provide the service of collecting the obligatory system contributions if the employment situation of the local long-term employees during the season remains unchanged and the employment fee for non-resident workers.
  • make payments on time
  • Employment fee for non-resident workers
  • Station in Areia Preta Service Centre of MSAR