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Beneficiaries of Old-Age and Disability Pension can Provide Proof of Life at Self-Service Machine from 9 a.m. on New Year’s Day


The Social Security Fund (abbreviated to “FSS” in Macao) reminds that beneficiaries who are receiving old-age or disability pension from the FSS are required to provide the proof of life in January each year.  About 124,000 beneficiaries will be involved in 2020, who can provide the proof of life on the self-service machine as early as 9 a.m. on 1st January using their Macao SAR Resident ID cards.

Beneficiaries must bring their valid Macao SAR Resident ID Cards when providing the proof of life.  At present, self-service machines for the proof of life are available at 50 locations across Macao.  If the beneficiary of FSS’ old-age or disability pension needs to provide the proof of life to the Social Welfare Bureau and/or the Pension Fund as well, he or she can provide the proof of life for the three departments at one time through the self-service machine.

In addition, beneficiaries can also bring their valid Macao SAR Resident ID Cards to provide the proof of life in person at the following locations (see Annexe I for details) during office hours in January:

  • Macau Holy House of Mercy Albergue;

  • Macao Government Services Centre at Areia Preta;

  • Macao Government Services Centre in Islands;

  • Northwest District (Ilha Verde) Social Service Centre, Northern District (Tamagnini Barbosa) Social Service Centre, Central and Southern District (Patane) Social Service Centre under the Social Welfare Bureau;

  • “Praia do Manduco” Centre for the Elderly;

  • Islands Office (Edifício do Lago) and Seac Pai Van Office (Complexo Comunitário de Seac Pai Van) under the Housing Bureau.

Under the “Mechanism for Verifying the Proof of Life for People from Guangdong and Macao”, beneficiaries of old-age or disability pension residing in Guangdong Province can visit a social insurance agency at any level in the province and present their valid Macao SAR Resident ID Cards to provide the proof of life.  Beginning this year, the information after verifying the proof of life will be sent back to FSS by the local handling agency, and the beneficiaries concerned will not be required to submit the proof of life documents by themselves.  The addresses of the Guangdong Provincial Agencies can be found on the “Proof of Life” web page on the FSS website at www.fss.gov.mo.

As for beneficiaries residing in other provinces of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan region or overseas, the required documents can be submitted to the FSS, either by mail or through a representative.

In addition, beneficiaries residing in Macao who are unable to go through the relevant procedures in person due to illness or limited mobility can entrust others to submit on their behalves the proof issued by a hospital or a local elderly home in 2020, or a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner registered in Macao certifying that he or she has provided medical consultation for the beneficiary in 2020.

If a beneficiary entrusts someone to submit the proof of life on his or her behalf, this person is required to present, at the time of document submission, his or her original ID card and a photocopy of the beneficiary’s ID card for verification.

For more information about the proof of life 2020, please call 2853 2850 during office hours or visit the Proof of Life web page on the website of the FSS at www.fss.gov.mo.  


Addresses and office hours of the service points for beneficiaries to provide the Social Security Fund’s proof of life 2020