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This Friday the FSS Pays the Old-Age and Disability Pension Approved in January


The Social Security Fund (abbreviated to FSS in Macao) announced that the old-age pension or disability pension applicants who have received the approval notice in January this year will receive their payments on the 14th day of this month (Friday).  The FSS also appeals to the people concerned to cooperate with the SAR Government’s epidemic prevention recommendations, not to go to the banks for this reason to “update their passbooks”, and they should try to stay at home.

Due to the continuation of novel coronavirus epidemic, the FSS continues to suspend all its services to the public, but it will continue to pay the related benefits and make the payments by bank transfer,  on the 14th day of this month, to old-age pension or disability pension applicants who received the approval notice in January this year.  The people concerned do not need to rush to the banks for “updating their passbooks” and they should stay at home as much as possible to reduce the risk of infection brought about by crowd gathering.

The FSS also said that the number of working days for public servants to be exempted from going to work (starting from 30th January this year) will not count towards the application period of various benefits and allowances, and residents can wait until public services return to normal before applying.  In addition, the provision of proof of life by beneficiaries of old-age and disability pension can be until the end of March, without affecting the normal payment of benefits in April.  The FSS reiterated that the payment deadline for the contributions for the fourth quarter of 2019, the employment fee for non-resident workers, and the contributions of casual workers for December 2019 will be extended to 28th February and any late payment interest and fines will be exempted.

For the latest news, please check the FSS website at www.fss.gov.mo.