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2021-04-14 09:22:54
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Interest Income for the Year Distributes to Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System’s Government-Managed Sub-Accounts, at an Annual Interest Rate of about 2.533%


The Social Security Fund (abbreviated to FSS in Macao) announced that the interest income for the year 2020 had already been credited to the non-mandatory central provident fund system’s government-managed sub-accounts on 14 January 2021, at an annual interest rate of about 2.533%.  From now on, residents can check their account balance through the FSS’s website at www.fss.gov.mo, or the 24-hour interactive voice response hotline 2823 0230.

Generated by time deposit of bank, the interest income for the government-managed sub-accounts is calculated on a daily basis and is subject to the number of interest accrual days, and the account owner’s government-managed sub-account daily balance during the income calculation period.  The income is distributed once a year.  If an account owner is eligible for special allocations from budget surplus since 2010 and he/she has never transferred out, transferred in or withdrawn funds from the government-managed sub-account, he/she will receive an interest of 2,060 patacas for the year 2020, and the cumulative appropriations together with the interest income will be 86,910 patacas in total.

By participating in the joint provident fund scheme or individual provident fund scheme of the non-mandatory central provident fund system, residents can also transfer the balance of the government-managed sub-account to the contribution sub-account or preserved sub-account for investment and capital appreciation.

For more information about the income distribution of the government-managed sub-account, please visit the FSS’s website at www.fss.gov.mo, or call 2853 2850 during office hours for enquires.