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2021-04-14 10:52:19
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30% of Employers not yet Paid Contributions, FSS Reminds Employers and Residents to Pay as Early as Possible


For the Social Security System, January is the contribution month for the fourth quarter of 2020.  As of 24 January 2021, there were still about 8,000 employers who have not yet paid the obligatory system contributions for their employees, accounting for about 30% of the total number of employers who need to pay contributions.  The Social Security Fund (abbreviated to FSS in Macao) reminds that the flow of people at service points is expected to increase towards the end of the month.  Employers are advised to make their payments as early as possible and make use of electronic channels.  Where necessary to visit a service point in person, it is also recommended to use the appointment service.

The FSS calls on all employers to pay contributions for their local long-term employees as soon as possible.  If a non-resident worker is hired, the employer must pay the employment fee for the non-resident worker as well.  For the payment of contributions, and the employment fee for non-resident workers, employers who use the electronic filing service and submit the employee data within the specified period can use the electronic payment options such as AutoPay, online banking or ATMs of nine designated banks (including Bank of China Macau Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Ltd., Banco Comercial de Macau, Tai Fung Bank, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Macau Chinese Bank, Luso International Banking Limited and Delta Asia Bank) or the BOC EXPRESS.  If there is no change in the employment situation of local long-term employees during the quarter, other employers may also pay the contributions at the Public Services Centres and sub-stations of Municipal Affairs Bureau or at the service counters of the nine designated banks.

For the payment of contributions, beneficiaries of the arbitrary system may also use their Macao SAR Resident ID Card number, either at the self-service machines with FSS’s label, the nine designated banks’ payment counters, AutoPay or online banking, the BOC EXPRESS, Municipal Affairs Bureau’s Public Services Centres and sub-stations, or at a service point of the FSS. 

According to the law, employers must pay a late payment interest and a fine if they make their payments late.  As for beneficiaries of the arbitrary system, those who make their payments late cannot rectify the default contributions unless contributions are paid with a late payment interest, within two months after the expiration of the statutory time limit.  To save time, the FSS urges employers and residents to make more use of electronic payment options for their contribution payment or use the appointment service. 

For more information, you may visit the FSS’s website at www.fss.gov.mo, or call 2853 2850 during office hours for enquiries.



Locations and methods of payment for obligatory/arbitrary system contributions of the FSS, and the employment fee for non-resident workers