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2021-10-19 14:38:11
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FSS and DSF Jointly Organize a Briefing Session on Electronic Filing Service


To cope with the implementation of e-governance of the SAR Government, starting July this year, the "Electronic Filing Service" of the Social Security Fund (abbreviated to FSS in Macao) and Financial Services Bureau (abbreviated to DSF in Macao) will change to be logged in with the entity user account of "My Government Account of Macao SAR".  A few days ago, the two departments jointly organized a briefing session at the Convention Center of Macao Science Center to explain the use of the new login method, as well as the procedures for reporting employee’s social security contributions and professional tax.  The first briefing session targeted at personnel from the public sector, with more than 110 people from 62 departments participating.

At the briefing session, Un Hoi Cheng, Vice-President of FSS’s Administrative Committee, said that promoting the development of e-governance is one of the important policies of the SAR government.  The FSS and DSF are actively working to make electronic filing possible for entity user accounts of “My Government Account of Macao SAR”, which will effectively simplify the filing procedures and improve the administrative efficiency, and all departments are called on to respond.  The presentation was delivered by Chiu Ka In, Head of Division of Contributions of the FSS, and Leong Chin Hong, Functional Head of the Professional Tax Centre of DSF’s Tax Department, explaining the use of new login method for the electronic filing, including the setup of accounts, the filing procedures, and the introduction of functions, etc..  The briefing session received overwhelming response, and many participants were concerned with the interface between the old and the new login methods, and the specific operation details.

In recent years, the FSS and DSF have respectively launched the electronic filing service system to facilitate employers to report on time the employee’s social security contributions and professional tax to the two departments.  With the entry into force of Law No. 2/2020 (E-Governance) and the SAR government’s launch of entity user account of "My Government Account of Macao SAR", various departments can authorize designated staff to handle various public services on a unified electronic service platform. 

In addition to briefing sessions for the public sector, the two departments are also actively promoting more private companies and institutions to open an entity user account of "My Government Account of Macao SAR" and use the electronic filing service of the two departments, in order for them to have plenty of time to report the employees’ employment information, and use various convenient electronic methods for their contribution payment.

  • A briefing session on electronic filing service jointly organized by the FSS and DSF