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2022-08-08 11:35:29
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January is a Contribution Month, FSS Reminds Employers and Residents to Pay Contributions on Time


  January is a contribution month of the Social Security Fund (abbreviated to FSS in Macao).  In this month, employers are required to pay obligatory system contributions for their local long-term employees for the fourth quarter of 2021.  If a non-resident worker is hired, the employer is required to pay the employment fee as well.   In addition, arbitrary system beneficiaries can also pay their contributions in January.  The FSS calls on employers and arbitrary system beneficiaries to use electronic payment channels as much as possible.

  In January, the Electronic Filing has launched optimized services (including: employers whose employees have no change during the quarter are not required to file, and the system will automatically settle and generate a contribution payment advice; the contribution payment advice can be downloaded on the first day of the contribution month; employers can report staff changes throughout the work quarter until the second last working day of the contribution month; employers can register a Macao mobile phone number to receive messages such as reminders to pay contributions on time).  The FSS encourages employers to use the Electronic Filing Service so that they can complete the reporting procedures anytime, anywhere, without leaving their homes or offices, and they can use various electronic payment channels, including the AutoPay and online banking of designated banks, and BOC EXPRESS of Bank of China, which are convenient and fast.

  Employers who have not applied for the use of Electronic Filing Service can make their payments at  various service points of the FSS (including: St. Lazarus Parish Field Office, FSS office at NAPE located on the 13th Floor of the China Civil Plaza Building, Macao Government Services Centre and Macao Government Services Centre in Islands).  If there is no staff change of local long-term employees during the quarter, the payment can also be made at Municipal Affairs Bureau’s Public Services Centres and sub-stations, or at the payment counters of designated banks.

  Using the Macao SAR Resident ID Card number, the arbitrary system beneficiaries can pay contributions through all the electronic payment channels above, self-service machines with the FSS’s contribution label, various service points of the FSS, Municipal Affairs Bureau’s Public Services Centres and sub-stations, and payment counters of designated banks.

  In addition, if beneficiaries or employers choose to make their payment by AutoPay, the relevant bank will deduct the amount on the last working day of the contribution month, so they should make sure that there is enough money in their bank accounts for deduction.

  In order to reduce queueing time, residents can make an appointment in advance or get a ticket number online if they need to go to a service point of the FSS to make their payment, through "My Government Account of Macao SAR" mobile application or the website (https://booking.gov.mo).

  For more information about the payment of contributions, please visit the FSS’s website at https://www.fss.gov.mo/en/social/social-mandatory, or call 2853 2850 during office hours for enquiries.

Annexe:Locations and methods of payment for contributions of obligatory system/arbitrary system of the FSS, and employment fee for non-resident workers