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Privacy Statement

Collection and use of non-personal data
If you only browse the website of the Social Security Fund (“our website”) instead of submitting an application by executing our website’s software programme for application submission, we will not record any identification data, and will not collect from you any personal particulars such as name and address.

When you browse or download information from our website, our computer system may automatically log down the following technical data: your domain name and IP address, your access date and time, the web pages you have browsed, and the referring website addresses if you access our website via hyperlinks from other websites. The purpose of collecting this information is to better facilitate your needs. This information will not be used for tracking down visitors unless it is found that such access is a malicious attack against our website.

When using electronic services from our webpage, the software may use "cookies" to record your online experiences in order to customise it for your future revisits. If your browser software’s "detecting cookies" feature is activated, you will receive a warning message whenever a cookie is saved.

Collection and use of personal data
Personal data may be required if you use the electronic services of our website. The information to be provided may vary with the services. When necessary, such information will be transferred with your consent to the related government departments responsible for offering the services. We will not provide your personal data to any non-government department unless such arrangement is authorised by the government, and such transfer of personal data is to be done with your consent. The entire process of use of your personal data by the authorised non-government departments must also conform to this privacy statement.

When you send e-mails to government departments or choose to apply for services from our website via e-mail, we suggest you to avoid providing any personal data that is not required, especially your ID card number and address, unless such information is required for the services you are applying for.

Protection of personal data
As the owner of this website, the Social Security Fund (“FSS”) guarantees that its staff will observe all related regulations. The handling of your personal data will be regulated by measures to ensure its confidentiality and proper storage.

You have the rights to request the FSS for checking and amending your personal data stored by our website, or request the other government departments, which have received and stored your personal data transferred by the FSS, for checking and amending such information.

 External Links
Our website provides links to other websites that belongs to other departments of the Macao SAR government, external government or public sectors, local or foreign private sectors. Clicking these links to other websites means you have already left our website. Since the privacy statement of these websites may differ from ours, we do not take any responsibility for the contents and privacy policies of those websites. You are therefore advised to read and understand in advance the privacy policies of these websites when necessary.

 Changes to this statement
Any update to this statement will be made by replacing the old version with a new one indicating the latest revision date. No separate announcement will be made.