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Non-mandatory Central
Provident Fund System

Registration for Automatic Withdrawal of Funds

Applicable persons
Account owners who are at least 65 years old and currently receiving old-age or disability pension from the Social Security Fund.

Details of the measure
Starting from the year that immediately follows the year of registration, if the account owner meets all three requirements below in the calendar year of fund allocation, the special allocation from budget surplus for the year and the income will be directly deposited at the end of August of that year, into the bank account where the account owner receives old-age or disability pension.
1. The person must be included in the list of special allocation from budget surplus announced in mid-June of the year concerned.
2. The person must have provided the proof of life for the year on or before 30th June of the year concerned.
3. The person has not applied for withdrawal of funds from his/her individual account of the non-mandatory central provident fund system between 1st January and 30th June of the year concerned.

Ways of registration
You may register for automatic withdrawal of funds at the time when you apply for fund withdrawal:
1. Self-service machines in Macao(click here for locations)
2. All service points of the Social Security Fund(click here for locations) 
Application Form for Automatic Withdrawal Registration (Form for Download CH/PT(Sample of form completion EN)

Points to note:
1. Automatic withdrawal is a one-time registration and it will remain valid once registered.
2. The account owner can only withdraw funds once a year. If the account owner has been approved for withdrawal of funds in a calendar year, he/she will not be automatically paid with funds even if he/she meets the conditions.