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Non-mandatory Central
Provident Fund System

Incentive Basic Funds

The incentive basic funds are a lump-sum money payment in the amount of 10,000 patacas.

Requirements for Allocation of Funds
The account owner who is still alive on 1 January of the year of fund allocation and simultaneously satisfied all the requirements below in the preceding calendar year will be entitled to the one-time incentive basic funds that will be paid into his/her government-managed sub-account:
1. He/she was a permanent resident of the Macao SAR;
2. He/she attained 22 years of age;
3. He/she stayed in the Macao SAR for at least 183 days.

Transitional Provisions
Pursuant to Law No. 7/2017, the incentive basic funds paid into the provident fund individual accounts shall be deemed to be paid into the individual accounts of non-mandatory central provident fund system.