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2022-06-28 18:12:05
Social Security System

Death of a Beneficiary

Law No. 4/2010 (Social Security System) provides that if a beneficiary dies,  

  1. any person who has paid for the funeral expenses of the beneficiary may apply for funeral allowance (Application procedures) within one year of the beneficiary’s death;

  2. if there are old-age pension/disability pension and any other benefits due but unpaid for the month of the beneficiary’s death, the benefit will be paid, according to Article 489(2) of the Civil Code, to one of the family members who files an application within 90 days from the day following the date of the beneficiary’s death;

  3. the old-age pension/disability pension that the beneficiary can receive will be paid until the month of death, and so:

    1. if a  family member or friend of the beneficiary learns that the beneficiary has died, he/she must report the beneficiary’s death to the Social Security Fund as soon as possible.  He/she can do this by visiting the Social Security Fund, bringing along a photocopy of the beneficiary’s death certificate and a photocopy of the beneficiary’s Macao SAR Resident ID Card;

    2. the old-age pension/disability pension received by the beneficiary for the month following the month of the beneficiary’s death or any later months will be considered as improperly received benefit payments and must be repaid.  Therefore, his/her family member or heir must deal with the repayment when informing the Social Security Fund of the death of the beneficiary.

In addition, please note that the family members of the deceased must register the beneficiary’s death with the Civil Registry Office within two days of death.  If the beneficiary dies outside the Macao SAR, it is not necessary for his/her family members to register the beneficiary’s death with the Civil Registry Office, but to report this to the Identification Services Bureau, attaching the relevant death certificate.