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Social Security System

Contributions of the Arbitrary System

Applicable Persons

  1. Employee who is the spouse of the employer, or who has de facto marital relationship with the employer, or who is a relative up to the second degree of relationship who lives and shares meals with the employer;
  2. Employee with relations established under a contract of apprenticeship training or through a vocational training system that aims to integrate the trainee into the employment market;
  3. In-service public administration staff already enrolled in the Retirement, Widow and Orphans’ Pensions Scheme;
  4. Other adult Macao SAR residents.

Enrollment of Beneficiary

  • Applicants can apply for the enrollment, at any time, by themselves;
  • Applicants who belong to Point 4 of the above paragraph can only enroll if they have stayed in the Macao SAR for at least 183 days (the number of days that the applicant stays in the Macao SAR at the month of application is not counted) during the 12 months preceding the application for enrollment;
    The applicant will be regarded as staying in the Macao SAR within the relevant period if he/she is outside the Macao SAR for the following reasons, but he/she is required to provide relevant supporting documentation:
    1. He/she attended middle school or higher level courses recognized by the local authority in charge;
    2. He/she was hospitalized due to injury or illness;
    3. He/she reached age 65 and habitually resided in mainland China;
    4. He/she worked outside the Macao SAR in order to bear the main living expenses of his/her spouse and immediate family who resided in the Macao SAR.
    For humanitarian or other duly substantiated reasons, the Chief Executive may allow the period that the applicant stayed outside the Macao SAR due to reasons other than those listed above to be also considered as the time he/she stayed in Macao.
  • If the application is approved, the date of enrollment is the filing date of application, and the beneficiary can start to pay contributions to the social security system, for up to 360 months, beginning in the month of enrollment or conversion of system.

Contribution Amount

As stipulated in the Executive Order, with effect from 1 January 2017, the contribution amount is 90 patacas per month.

Payment of Contributions

The contributions of the preceding calendar quarter are payable quarterly in January, April, July and October, and the full amount of contributions is to be paid by the beneficiaries themselves.

Payment Locations and Payment Methods

The beneficiary can use his/her Macao SAR Resident ID Card number or beneficiary number and electronic payment advice number to pay contributions in the following ways:

    1. All service points of the Social Security Fund
      - BOC Pay
      - Tai Fung Pay
      - CGB Pay
      - LusoPay
      - ICBC ePay
      - UePay
      - Macau Pass / MPay
      - Alipay
      - Credit Card / Debit Card (UnionPay / Visa / Mastercard / American Express Card issued by Banco Nacional Ultramarino)
      - UnionPay QuickPass / UnionPay Cloud QuickPass
      - Cheque / Cashier's Order (payable to "Fundo de Segurança Social")
      - Cash
    2. Designated Public Services Centres and Stations under the Municipal Affairs Bureau
      - BOC Pay
      - Tai Fung Pay
      - CGB Pay
      - LusoPay
      - ICBC ePay
      - UePay
      - Macau Pass / Mpay
      - Alipay
      - WeChat Pay
      - Credit Card / Debit Card (UnionPay / VISA / MasterCard)
      - UnionPay QuickPass / UnionPay Cloud QuickPass
      - Cheque / Cashier's Order (payable to "Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais")
      - Cash
    3. Designated banks. For methods of payment, please refer to the E-Payment Channels of Arbitrary System Contributions;
    4. Self-service machine
      -Tap the MACAU Pass card to pay.

Late Payment of Contributions

If the beneficiary fails to pay the contributions within the statutory payment period, he/she cannot rectify the default contributions unless:

    1. Contributions are paid with a late payment interest, within two months after the expiration of the statutory payment period;
    2. The reason for failing to pay contributions within the statutory payment period belongs to a force majeure situation accepted by the Administrative Committee of the FSS.

Points to Note:

If a beneficiary has received a general subsidy from the Social Welfare Bureau (abbreviated to SWB in Macao), the contributions paid during the period when he/she received the general subsidy can be subsidized by the SWB. To this end, the beneficiary needs to file an application to the SWB.